Our Founder:
"Rochel helped me develop my speech very well and now I will feel confident when I open my mouth. Thank you very much!" L.B.

Ariber Services:
"After taking this course, I definitely am more confident and comfortable to give a presentation/public speaking. I have learnt to speak from my core. I internalized to "savour my sound of success". I now socialize and interact more, professionally. This course upgraded the inner mechanics and quality in my personal and professional journey of life." L.R.

I absolutely changed my attitude toward speech! This was one of my greatest fears, and I can tell now that it was really holding me back at work. Now that I have faced it and succeeded, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted and I can now look forward to new public speaking experiences with more confidence." M.M.

Ariber Workshops:
"I learned how to talk so children comprehend better and I learned to help them further their thinking skills."

"I've been thinking about your presentation today. It was great! I felt that it was really hands on. We were able to walk away saying, "Hey, I can try to implement this into my life and into job." B.F.

"Refreshing, alive, and upbeat. This course was clear, concise, and applicable."

Feedback for Vocal Skills for Classroom Management and Instructional Effectiveness Workshop Rochel Lieberman, MA CCC-SLP
Learn to be in control of your voice when controlling the classroom! You have prepared your lessons and materials. Have you prepared your most integral teaching tool – your vocal projection? Effective verbal communication is at the core of teaching success. In this interactive workshop, Rochel Lieberman, Speech Language Pathologist, will teach integral exercises to facilitate comprehension, compliance, and empowerment when working with your students. Using three powerful tools, you will learn to integrate the sound of success, used by high level CEO’s.

“Great ideas to use tomorrow!”

“I got practical tools for making my classroom a calmer place.”

“I gained a lot of skills that I can implement.”

“Amazing! Such great teaching practices were used.”

“Excellent presentation.”

“It was a very strong class. Very useful!”

“This workshop clarified things for me.”

“I will now try to be more aware of how I speak to students.”

“I am happy I joined this course.”

“This class really taught me how to use my voice properly when talking to my students.”

“The use of a core message is quite applicable.”

“That was great! So enlightening.”

“My tone is much more important than I realized.”

Feedback for Unlock the Code: How to Help your Student Comprehend and Execute Directions Workshop Rochel Lieberman, MA CCC-SLP
Would you like to create instructions that facilitate comprehension and execution of a task? The ability to process language effectively is fundamental to following instructions. From her vast experience as a professor of language development, Rochel Lieberman, Speech Language Pathologist, will teach practical tools to craft instructions directed at aiding your student in processing, sequencing, and remembering information. The enhanced instructions will facilitate increased execution of directions in your classroom.

“Excellent workshop, very clear, great ideas for the classroom.”

“Rochel provided practical ideas to work with children in the classroom.”

“ It was refreshing!”

“ The workshop provided practical explanations that are simple to apply”

“I gained insights into what is involved in following directions.”

“I gained strategies to help my students who struggle.”

“This workshop explained issues that are pressing and need to be addressed!”