Ariber Corporate Services

Successful speech is more than just words. At Ariber Speech we teach the "Sound of Success".

The "Sound of Success Services" include:

Accent Reduction
Speakers of English as a Second Language (ESL) have often mastered grammatical skills and may possess an advanced vocabulary. Yet, due to intonation and pronunciation patterns from their first language, they are often misunderstood. Accent Reduction sessions by a licensed speech language pathologist will improve communication skills by removing frustrations of being misunderstood or sounding unclear in everyday routine communication and business transactions.

Projection Skills/Public Speaking
Learn to project yourself with a vocal presence that gets your message across like a CEO. Stop stress and fear from preventing you from speaking confidently. In this program you will develop advanced communication skills for the workplace and for public speaking.

Voice Therapy
Learn to use your voice appropriately in order to avoid vocal abuse and treat vocal misuse by an experienced licensed speech language pathologist. These services are life changing for anybody whose occupation requires them to use their voice all day.

Corporate Workshops
Ariber Speech provides powerful and impactful corporate workshops:
The rigors of being a professional, regardless of the setting, require one to maintain professional stance. However, the taxing setting can cause even the savviest professional to have shaky vocal presence.

Over the years, Rochel developed the fresh and catchy Ariber communication methods to enable professionals to maintain their "Sound of Success" in meeting personal and professional goals.

Corporate "Sound of Success" services are available in individual sessions, group sessions, and training workshops.

Ariber Speech Gym

Ariber Speech Gym recognizes that therapy services need to be motivating and stimulating in order to achieve results.

Ariber Speech, Language, and Voice Workouts include: Screenings, Consultations, and Complete Evaluations and Assessments are provided at Ariber Speech.

Speech, language, and voice therapy treatment sessions by licensed Speech Language Pathologists, are available in the following areas:
. Voice Disorders
. Receptive and Expressive Language Delays
. Auditory Comprehension
. Language Based Learning Disorders
. Articulation/Phonological Disorders
. Oral Motor Therapy
. Social/Pragmatic Language

Parent workshops:
Ariber communication workshops empower parents to integrate effective communication techniques to facilitate love and compliance when communicating with their children. Parents learn to own their communication at this interactive Ariber parent workshop.